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EKİNCİLER YAPI was founded in 1978 by Hacı Mahmut EKİNCİ and his sons, and the structure of the company was upgraded in 1997 to EKİNCİLER İNŞAAT TİCARET VE SANAYİ LTD. STI.

Our company, which is powered by its nearly half a century of past and future-oriented vision in its works, has been operating in general contracting services, primarily road and infrastructure constructions, nationally and internationally.

Evaluating its half-a-century of experience and knowledge not only for the services it provides and the works it undertakes, but also considers as a corporate duty for social responsibilities and sustainable development; EKİNCİLER YAPI is committed to carrying out smooth and healthy business processes by preventing any problems that may arise during the period from the beginning of the project till the end.
Work Experience
350Million USD
Completed Projects in Our Contract
370.000.000 TL
110.343.666.000 ID
687.774.662 $
Continuing to employ employees and business partners that adheres to the customer-oriented service principle in the targeted production areas, constantly prioritizing the development and change of the organization at international standards,

To continue to produce at international quality and standards, to constantly expand its organization and business potential compared to the previous period, to carry out high quality infrastructure and superstructure projects, to become a leading brand in the corporate field.

By continuing to undertake outstanding projects, keeping employee and business partner satisfaction at a high level, being an exemplary and preferred institution with its discreet management and employees

EKİNCİLER YAPI meets the expectations of the customers with the highest possible quality by carrying the years of experience and expertise from 1978 to the present with high technology, keeping the quality at the forefront of its production and producing innovative, modern structures.

With its highly educated, skilled, qualified engineer staff and employees having years of experience, it builds high-quality, environmentally friendly structures and works with the contribution of new, up-to-date technological knowledge, new machinery park and work environment in engineering sciences.

It monitors sector innovations and current developments and applies them with environmental awareness.

Aiming for a stable, innovative, long-term, sustainable cooperation environment, it provides an integrated environment to its wide construction sector portfolio and employees, follows innovations in the sector on site, informs its employees and solution partners, and supports them with practices that will increase employee and customer satisfaction to an optimum level.

By employing qualified specialists, it promotes savings and respect for the environment in production and structures’ use of post-production period with high competitive and cost advantages.

The main factor in the works it performs is “trust”, keeps safety at the forefront in production, protects all its staff and business partners, never compromises from HSE standards, depends on its commitments, presents its production at the promised time and quality.

It performs the necessary analyzes and takes controlled risks, looks for new markets, encourages growth, and takes measures to increase its market share. The company has a high credibility.

It creates high value, shares it with business partners.

Development, change and dynamism are inalterably goals of the company, and maintains for stability and cooperation in changing market conditions on the way to move to the top of its national and international degree.

It is entrepreneur, it grows every year to contribute to the development of our country and realizes the practices to become a brand that creates value at the world level.

English Village No:311 Erbil / IRAQ
+964 750 477 25 06 / +964 770 152 78 18
Zübeyde mh. Turgut Özal blv. No:20/16 Altındağ/ANKARA
+90 532 516 68 14